Raymond Pashoukos ...careers in technology

“People visit your site to find something, good design makes it easy”

I'm excited about programming again!

Programming has been part of my life since the TI99 came out and learned basic and FORTH. I rediscovered my enthusiasm just recently when I saw the power of Wordpress and the engine which makes it work, Php & Mysql. This site has been completely revamped using the new technologies... I'm on a roll now!


I am currently doing freelance web design and programming using php, mysql, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. I also work on Wordpress and Joomla CMS platforms with custom templates.

I have now added Concrete5 to my CMS tool bag. There are major philosophy differences between Joomla and C5, each one has it's own strength. Pick the right tool for the job.

HTML 4.0 QuickCert - George Pearson
CSS Video training - George Pearson
JQuery Novice to Ninja - Sitepoint
PHP Live SitePoint - Kevin Yank
CSS(2) Live SitePoint - Russ Weakley
HTML5 Live SitePoint - John Allsopp
CSS3 Live SitePoint - John Allsopp
JavaScript Live SitePoint - Kevin Yank

Tools of the Trade
Bluefish 2.0 Programmers editor
GIMP 2.6 GNU Image Manipulation Program
Firebug Web Development tool
Gedit and ed Stnadard Unix/Linux editor
W3C Code Markup Validation Service
wamp Apache Mysql Php for windows
NetBeans IDE 6.9 The NetBeans IDE is an integrated development environment
phpMyAdmin administration of MySQL Web
Developer Tools in Chrome Chrome browser built in tool
FileZilla the free FTP solution