Raymond Pashoukos ...careers in technology

“The leader follows in front” ...Proverb

Unix Lan Administrator - Team Leader

  • Established dedicated team to work as System Administration technicians previously done by a group of Central Office Technician
  • Developed Lotus Notes Database to input trouble tickets for tracking and accountability
  • Fine tuned database to group problems to major area ie. Network access, Sun Workstation, Lotus Notes, etc.
  • Project managed migration of hundreds of data sets of network elements to a secured equipment room
  • Administrated work schedule, vacation, absence control, appraisals and quality control

Service Reliability Plan

  • Mechanized process of gathering information on dozens of network element using Excel spreadsheets populated by several data sources
  • Reduced work force required to data fill forms by 75%
  • Reduced analysis of data from weeks to minutes using UNIX shell scripts to parse data

Modem Inventory New York

  • Managed state wide inventory of thousands of modems for security concerns
  • Developed Lotus Notes Database to allow statewide access using ACL and have data immediately available upon input
  • Awarded special recognition for ingenuity by my manager for timely completion of project

Upstate Operation Scheduling

  • Mechanized scheduling for over 100 employees from paper forms to Excel worksheet
  • Schedule for 24/7 operation, vacation, and weekend coverage
  • Reorganized work groups by major technologies to facilitate scheduling concerns

Verizon Management Training

  • Dale Carnegie Training
  • Projex-Project Management
  • Safety & Environmental Awareness
  • Basic Labor Relations
  • Time & Priority Management
  • Foundations for Corporate Development